Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali to soon announce a Rs. 1600 crore Herbal Food Park in Noida of UP

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The world is full of Businessmen, entrepreneurs and others who carry out different businesses, but then there are some miraculous personalities who just leave you thinking that, “What just happened!”We are talking about our Yoga guru Baba Ramdev. It was just a couple of years back taught there was not even a mere thought of an Indian company that would sweep everything that comes in its path. Yeah, from Amazon to Flipkart, from Soaps to kitchen grocery, Patanjali products are just everywhere. The strategy of this Indian company is very simple, They serve quality with competitive prices and their distribution chain is so strong that for the first time even Cola is facing a tough rivalry competition.

Now, our famous Yoga Guru has promoted Patanjali Ayurveda in a unique way by announcing a huge investment of Rs. 1600 crore soon in the Noida city of Uttar Pradesh for setting up an herbal food park. This step is planned by the company management to meet the domestic as well as the global demand for the varied Patanjali products.

A senior UP government official privy to the development said, “It is almost finalized now. You may see an announcement by Patanjali Ayurveda for an investment of around Rs 1,600 crore in Noida for setting up a food processing plant around Diwali. As far as investments in the state are concerned, the Uttar Pradesh government is fair and transparent for promoting industrialization which will create jobs.”

Before this news, there were already some speculations in the business world that Patanjali would announce its investment in UP after the assembly polls in March next year.

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The company officials have also confirmed the news and said that Company is looking forward to this opportunity. They said that identification of land is at an advanced stage and it is decided that the unit would be probably near the Yamuna expressway.

A Patanjali Ayurveda official said, “It would be an international food park, which would be for exports and domestic markets as well.” He added, ” Patanjali CEO Acharya Balkrishna has held meetings with the CEO of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) in this regard. The state bureaucracy is also involved in this project under the instructions of the Chief Minister of UP. It would be a major investment boost for UP and employment generation.”

According to him, “We would make the unit operational within 12-18 months of allotment of land and the food park will manufacture all the major products of Patanjali. As it is located in the NCR region, which has proximity to the airport and dry ports, it will act as a hub.”

Reports say that the plant would be so competent to produce goods worth Rs 25,000 crore annually. additionally, it is said to create around 10,000 direct jobs which would in turn benefit around 50,000 families.

Other than UP, Patanjali is also in the process of setting up manufacturing units and plants in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Maharashtra and Jammu and Kashmir, besides another plant in the drought-hit area of Bundelkhand region of UP. “For Bundelkhand regional plant, we are discussing for the special package and incentive with the state government. We are working on that,” the company official said.

Patanjali Ayurveda is, however, one of the untold startup success stories of an Indian Company, and It is sure that in the next couple of years when it inevitably displaces more large players, be ready for more news stories aimed to surprise you as readers!



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