China has moved significant number of troops to LAC : Rajnath Singh

Rajnath Singh, Defence minister
File image of Rajnath Singh
Rajnath Singh, Defence minister
File image of Rajnath Singh

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday emphsasised on the fact that China had moved troops in “significant numbers” in the ongoing stand-off at the Line of Actual Control (LAC). He also stated that there is an important dialogue bound to happen between the two countries on June 6 to resolve the issue.

“It is true that there have been differences on the border at this time. A significant number of Chinese troops have come in. India too has done what it should,” Mr. Singh told the news media. “As of now, negotiations are going on at the military level. On June 6, there will be talks between senior military officers. I discussed about this with the Army Chief today,” he said.

Dialogue between military commanders had been going on daily, according to sources, including that at the level of Major Generals and on Tuesday too. No concrete resolution had been achieved, it had been learnt and the talks would continue, the sources revealed.

Mr. Singh confirmed the fact that there has been constant tension and talks between India and China regarding the border. “There will hardly be a year when there is no face-off on the border between both the Indian Army and the Chinese Army,” he said.

“India will not infringe on anyone’s sovereignty and at the same time India will let not anyone infringe on its sovereignty”, he carried on.

Mr. Singh later tweeted quoting the interview that India’s negotiation with China was on and so he “would not like to express doubts.” “If the issue is resolved through dialogue then what else can be a good thing,” he said



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