Gehlot Claims Speech was removed from PM Modi’s event; PMO Denies

Rajasthan Boss Clergyman Ashok Gehlot has guaranteed that his discourse was taken out of the occasion that Head of State Narendra Modi went to in Sikar on Thursday. Gehlot said that he was welcome to the occasion, and his discourse was booked to be three minutes in length. Nonetheless, he said that he was educated by the PMO that his discourse wouldn’t be remembered for the program.

Gehlot’s case has been denied by the PMO, which said that the Main Priest’s office had informed them that he wouldn’t have the option to go to the occasion because of a physical issue. The PMO said that Gehlot was free to join the occasion for all intents and purposes, however, he declined.

The episode has ignited a political column in Rajasthan, with the Congress blaming the BJP for attempting to gag the voice of the resistance. The BJP, notwithstanding, has denied the charges, saying that Gehlot’s case is “unjustifiable”. The occasion in Sikar was the establishment of a stone-laying function for 12 new clinical schools in Rajasthan. The universities are being worked on under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana (PMSSY).

The discussion over Gehlot’s discourse comes when the Congress is preparing for the Gathering races in Rajasthan, which are due to be held one year from now. The BJP is the dominant party in the state.

The incident involving Ashok Gehlot’s speech is a reminder of the importance of free speech in a democracy. It is also a reminder that the BJP is not afraid to use its power to silence its opponents. It is important to defend the right to free speech, even when it is inconvenient for those in power.