Impending Pakistan PM Imran Khan has this to say on Indo-Pak relations


Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan won the recent elections after Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf emerged as the single largest party. Soon after the results came out, the politician talked at length about a lot of crucial issues, including the Indo-Pak relations. Imran said that trade will be a key goal for Pakistan to fix the relations between the two nations.

He said that if India takes 1 step forward, Pakistan will take 2. He also said that he has traveled a lot to India during his cricket career and hence he wants good relations with India. However, he also expressed disappointment over the fact that the Indian media portrayed him as a “Bollywood villain”.

He further addressed the Kashmir issue and pointed out that the “blame game” has to sop. He said, “The biggest dispute between us is Kashmir. We need to talk about Kashmir…”

Apart from Pakistan’s relations with India, Imran also addressed the terrorism in Kashmir and the violence that affected the lives of people living in Kashmir. Expressing his concern about Pakistan’s economy, the impending PM of Pakistan also pitched his objectives of strengthening institutions, increasing income, and getting more taxes to benefit the country. He also thanked people for voting and said that this election has been “the fairest in Pakistan’s history”.

Out of the 269 seats, PTI has won 109 in the National Assembly elections of Pakistan. This is followed by Pakistan Muslim League that has secured 63 seats while Pakistan’s People Party has gained just 39 seats.

However, a total of 137 seats are required to win the majority. This means that even though Imran Khan has been confirmed as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan, he will have to form a coalition to gain the majority of 137 seats.



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