In Patna, Bihar, an important assembly consisting of leaders from over 20 opposition parties, including the Congress, NCPNCP,D, and SPSP, led by RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav, is currently underway, aiming at developing a strategic plan for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections scheduled for 2024. The primary objective behind hosting such an inspiring event includes “fostering unity amongst all opposition” while building a “common minimum program” agreed upon by all parties that can benefit them in important decisions concerning politics leading up to the election cycle.

Some crucial issues that are expected to be discussed at this gathering include aspects like unemployment within our current economic climate and farmers’ rights issues, among others, representing various domains contributing significantly towards general welfare initiatives impacting our nation’s citizens positively. Moreover, presenting potential candidates under one united coalition against the BJP during the presidential elections will also feature on their agenda.

It is being viewed as a significant step toward uniting the opposition against the BJP that the meeting took place. Additionally, it is perceived as a threat to the BJP’s dominance over the national political landscape.


The key opposition parties converging in Patna signifies their commitment to joining forces against the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP). It also reflects the emerging challenges they pose for the BJP’s dominance over the Indian political landscape. Prevailing issues like economic instability, job loss concerns, and growers’ rights are some of the many matters that are expected to be seriously discussed at this convening. There will be deliberations on how the best opposition parties can work together under one platform so as to not only thwart the BJP but possibly secure success among themselves even at the Presidential level.


The big opposition meeting in Patna is a significant event in Indian politics. It is a chance for the opposition parties to unite and challenge the BJP’s dominance. If they can do so, the meeting could be a major turning point in Indian politics