PM Modi achieves rare feat! Becomes only Indian PM to address US Congress twice

Narendra Modi, US Congress
Narendra Modi addressing the US Congress

First Indian prime minister to twice address a joint session of the US Congress is PM Modi. In addition, he is just the second world leader to get the award more than thrice, following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

What did Prime Minister Modi say in front of the US Congress? 5 essential points

1. PM Modi on the Indian economy: “India had the tenth-largest economy in the world when I made my maiden visit to the US as a PM. India is the fifth-largest economy today. The third-largest economy will shortly be India. We are expanding not only physically but also quickly. The entire globe grows when India does.

2. The Indian Prime Minister on women’s empowerment: “…women are currently guiding us to a better future in modern India. India’s aim extends beyond gender-specific development. Women drive the forward motion in a development model called women-led development. From a lowly tribal origin, a woman has excelled to become our head of state.

3. According to PM Modi, the only G20 nation to fulfil its Paris Agreement pledge was the United States. Over 40% of our energy sources now come from renewable sources, surpassing the 2030 objective nine years early. However, we didn’t end there. I suggested the mission LiFE at the Glasgow Summit. “Our mission is pro-planet progress, pro-planet prosperity, and pro-planet people.”

4. The prime minister said, “India is the home of all world religions, and we celebrate them all. Diversity is a natural way of life in India, and Narendra Modi stated that the world is becoming increasingly interested in learning more about India. Over 2,500 political parties exist here. India’s many states are governed by about 20 different parties. Despite having dozens of dialects and 22 official languages, we communicate with one voice.

5. Regarding India’s foreign policy, Prime Minister Modi said, “We live by the maxim ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’-the world is one family. We interact with the world for the good of everybody. The same spirit may also be observed in the G20 Summit’s theme, One Earth, One Family, One.

One Earth, One Family, One Future, which will be our G20 Summit theme, embodies the same attitude. Last Monday, all countries endorsed our UN request to erect a wall of respect for the peacekeepers.