‘Man dressed as a woman’ saunters into SRCC, Delhi University girls hostel, steals students’ cards and cash

Robbery took place at SRCC girls' hostel by a man dressed as woman

The accused allegedly used the debit cards to make transactions of around Rs 50,000 and stole roughly Rs 3,000 in cash from various rooms, students claimed. The incident took place on September 12, the day of the DU Students’ Union elections.

Cash and debit cards were robbed of a girls ‘ hostel in Shri Ram University College of commerce, supposedly by a man that was dressed as a female to access the premises of the hostel. Maurice Nagar Police Station received the FIR on Monday three days after the incident, the policemen said.

Hostellers reported that the incident took place in the afternoon according to them. A hosteller of SRCC said, “Many girls were in the mess, which is open from 1-2 pm. From the CCTV footage, we saw that the person entered around 1.40 pm and left around 2.10 pm. We don’t even know the gender for sure… but if you look closely, the person looks like a man,”

In CCTV footage, a person with long hair is captured wearing a pink top and jeans and scarf.

“He visited each room and seemed to know the way around. He was roaming around confidently, looking into the cameras, and even interacted with a few girls. We don’t generally ask strangers who they are because they are usually relatives of students. All of us assumed it was someone’s mom or someone who had permission to enter,” a student reported.

They also assumed that the alleged robber locked the room from inside when he was at his theft of cash and cards. This all incidence took place probably in the afternoon when girls were not in the hostel.

“Around 6 pm, one of the girls whose debit card was stolen started looking for it. By the time she realised it was stolen, two transactions amounting to Rs 50,000 had already taken place. The person withdrew Rs 20,000 from the debit card, and shopped at Levi’s and Lifestyle stores,” reported a student.

Additional to this, a sum of around 3000 was also stolen in cash. The principal said that an FIR has been filed on Monday and will be looking into the matte



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