New motor vehicles amendment act will not be implemented in Bengal, Mamta Banerjee

mamta banerjee
File image of Mamta Banerjee
mamta banerjee
File image of Mamta Banerjee

New motor vehicles amendment act was described as very harsh by West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee and made it very clear that her state government will not implement this kind of laws which implement such hefty fines.

“We are not implementing the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act, which was passed recently in the Parliament, at present in West Bengal because it is very harsh. Of course, we are going for a “Safe Drive Save Life” campaign,” the Chief Minister told journalists.

According to West Bengal CM, when these laws were discussed in the parliament her party members had raised objections of meddling into the federal structure of the constitution.

“They didn’t listen to us. Unilaterally you cannot take a decision which will harm people. Now, if anything is wrong, instead of ₹500 they will charge ₹10,000. There are so many poor people also, where will they get all this money from?” she said. If we listen to her than in her view solutions to problems should be taken keeping “humanitarian grounds in mind”.

All the members and officials of her party are on the same page on this matter and are suggesting that these newly implemented laws will overburden the people of India. If sources are to be believed then there is news that some State governments including the BJP led government in Gujarat recently announced a drastic cut in the penalties for traffic violations under the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019.

Ms. Banerjee emphasized on the point that the ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ campaign launched by the State government has brought down the number of accidents in the State. “We are working on this, our police are also working with us along with NGOs as well as students from schools and colleges, including the press media are also helping us,” she said.




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