PM Narendra Modi spills out secret behind ‘may give up social media’ tweet

Indian PM, Narendra Modi
PM Modi posted this tweet yesterday
Indian PM, Narendra Modi
PM Modi posted this tweet yesterday

Indian PM Narendra Modi posted a cryptic message last day that he will soon be giving up all of his social accounts. This post left people all over the country scratching their heads that what is it all about. But Mr. Modi didn’t take long to provide clarity about this out of the blue post.

It is all about celebrating women on the occasion of Women’s Day.

He turned to Twitter a day after the internet-breaking post, PM Modi said, “This Women’s Day, I will give away my social media accounts to women whose life and work inspire us.”

Late last evening, the Indian PM had tweeted: “This Sunday, thinking of giving up my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. Will keep you all posted”

PM Modi also promoted a new campaign to honour inspiring women from all fields of life. Using #SheInspiresUs, the prime minister asked people to share stories of women who inspire them. Some extraordinary women will be chosen to run PM Modi’s social media accounts on Women’s Day which is on 8th of march.

The tweet created a mystery among public and within a few minutes #NoSir started trending with social media users urging Modi not to give up his social media accounts.

Indian National Congress took a swipe at prime minister Modi, with Rahul Gandhi tweeting “Give up hatred, not social media accounts” after tagging Modi’s post.



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