“Point got lost in translation,” Priyanka Gandhi responds to Omar Abdullah after he reacts to her tweet on Rajasthan crisis

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra
File image of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra
File image of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

“Lost in translation.” Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra reacted on Monday to a tweet by National Conference leader Omar Abdullah, who had commented on an earlier statement of Ms. Vadra about the BJP trying to topple the Rajasthan government “during pandemic.”

“You’re absolutely right @omarabdullah. What I actually said was that leadership becomes evident during a crisis, and while the pandemic is on, the nation needs a leadership that works in the interest of its people. However, the BJP government has been busy trying to topple democratically elected governments, revealing its true mindset and character,” Ms. Vadra replied to the former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister.

“It seems my point got lost in translation!” she added.

Late on Sunday, reacting to a news report about Ms. Vadra’s statement, Mr. Abdullah tweeted, “I don’t get the whole “during pandemic” argument. As though some how toppling an elected government would be less reprehensible if we weren’t battling a health crisis. IMHO [In my humble opinion] it’s wrong regardless of COVID”.

On Sunday, as part of the Congress’s Speak for Democracy campaign on social media platforms, Ms. Vadra tweeted in Hindi about the BJP’s priorities.

“Leadership is recognised in times of crisis. During the national Corona crisis, the country needs a leadership that works in national interest. But the BJP government at the Centre is showing their intent and character by trying to topple governments elected by the people,” Ms. Vadra tweeted.



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