“Rahul Gandhi’s U-turn on Kashmir comments not because of own will but public pressure”, Union Environment minister Prakash Javedkar

prakash javedkar
Union Minister Prakash Javedkar during the Press conference at BJP head office in new Delhi on Sunday Express photo by Prem Nath Pandey 17 March 19
prakash javedkar
Union Minister Prakash Javedkar during a Press conference at BJP head office.

The Union environment minister Prakash Javedkar has criticized former congress leader Rahul Gandhi over insulting the country in the matter of article 370 and handling Pakistan a motive to target India in the United Nations.

Rahul Gandhi a few days back deemed the reports of violence of death of people in Kashmir as unfortunate. Mr. Javedkar described these comments from former congress chief as “the most irresponsible politics” India has ever witnessed and demanded an immediate apology from Rahul Gandhi and the main opposition party in this matter.

Rahul Gandhi later tweeted stuff attacking Pakistan and describing Kashmir as a part of India. Union minister defined public backlash as the reason behind these comments. “He has made a complete U-turn not due to his own will but due to circumstances and public pressure,” Mr. Javadekar said.

Party’s “vote bank” policy provoked former congress leader to talk about violence and killings in Kashmir, according to Mr. Javedkar and described it as pitiful.

Mr. Gandhi has been consistently criticizing the center’s decision of revoking the article 370 and just last week spoke out that the Opposition and the press got a taste of the “draconian administration” and “brute force” unleashed on the people there when they tried to visit Srinagar.

But recently took a U-turn by announcing Kashmir as a part of India and criticized Pakistan for instigating violence in Kashmir region.

The Congress leader after losing his traditional Amethi seat represents Wayanad, a minority-dominated seat, in Lok Sabha and Mr. Javedkar pointed at this as the reason behind Mr. Gandhi changed the mindset.



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