Suffering woman dies in Mumbai after made to run between hospitals

Woman dies in Mumbai
Woman died of illness after made to run between hospitals
Woman dies in Mumbai
Woman died of illness after made to run between hospitals

A 44 year-old woman who was also a mother of four girls died in Mumbai carrying of a brain haemorrhage and shuttling between three hospitals in the commercial capital of India. Her last rites were also performed yesterday.

Sayed Arshi, the woman who died was a resident of Bhendi Bazaar. She had a history of heart ailments and was moved between JJ Hospital and Nair hospital before being admitted to KEM Hospital. But died within five hours of admission. The family members could not take her to a private hospital as many private hospitals in south Mumbai have been shut owing to employees contracting COVID-19.

Sayed Aejaz, her younger brother, said, “She started experiencing extreme weakness on Wednesday. Her pulse rate was high and she could not speak. I got a call from her house and we took her in our car to JJ Hospital, where the security guard said the hospital was shut.” Due to her condition they rushed her to Nair hospital, which is now treating only COVID-19 patients. When doctors refused to admit her, the family finally decided to take her to KEM Hospital.

Mr. Aejaz also said, “When we reached KEM, there was only one doctor. We found a stretcher and took her to the casualty ward. We waited there for 30 minutes, but she didn’t get even basic treatment. After multiple requests, a trainee doctor gave her an injection.” He then took her to the emergency ward but no one was ready to attend her.

“My sister’s husband placed an oxygen mask on her face as nobody was treating her. There were two nurses who were rude and yelling at people. At least six other patients were in the ward awaiting treatment. We were shocked to see the state of affairs at the hospital. Over the next three to four hours, we witnessed about 15 deaths in the ward,” he said.



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