Terror Strike In Delhi, UP Got Shelved With Arrest of Four Conspirators

Thursday went little sour for four young youths as they got arrested for conspiring a terror strike in Delhi and UP. Four of these were aged between 19 years to 25 years old and were allegedly planning to launch a strike in these politically sensitive areas. In total, they detained 8 people and are in interrogations with 6 out of them. A team of UP Anti-terrorist Squad is taking care of the interrogation process.

Two suspected youths were impounded in an area of Maharashtra. These two were arrested from Bijnore of UP, Mumbra of Maharashtra, Jalandhar of Punjab and East Champaran of Bihar.

These culprits were self-radicalised and had consolidated plans to get weapons for terror launch. A secret chat platform kept them all connected and the agencies are in constant efforts to get the information from cell phones and laptops.

Digging in deep, they found out that the operation was not on small levels and had 9 teams involved. This was running from three days and then the planners got arrested by the police.

Dalijeet Singh Chawdhary, who is additional director general of UP police mentioned, “The four are not part of any module or outfit. They were determined to carry out terror strikes, but we managed to avert a potential attack”.

Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad mentioned that the leader of the troop, Umar, alias Nazim who is 26 years old and a dweller of Binjore is working in Mumbai was took charge of the cell. NIA locked in Mudabbir Shaikh from Mumbra previous year.

Along with radicalizing the whole group and getting the whole arrangement of funds, Nizam was took the whole charge of the mission. Other members included alias muzammil, Gazi Baba, Unnao who belonged to Jalandhar, Antesham belonged to East Champaran and Faizan belonged to Bijnor.

With the immense diligence and dedication of the ATS, a mammoth catastrophe was averted.




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