Third COVID-19 wave to surface soon in India? Government requests for caution as COVID-19 hits China again

Third COVID-19 wave, India
Third COVID-19 wave is a serious possibility in India
Third COVID-19 wave, India
Third COVID-19 wave is a serious possibility in India

The National Institutes of Health on Saturday, October 23, 2021 urged all states and territories to be vigilant before the holidays due to the new disease (COVID-19). Cases in China are on the increase.

In a letter sent to the state, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that many countries around the world have seen an increase in COVID-19 infection and that the outbreak is due to a lack of commitment to follow the COVID-19 protocol.

The letter calls on all States / UTs to comply with the following warnings in the event of a new occurrence:

1. The rigor of the procedures designed to ensure that the celebration is safe, secure and appropriate for COVID.

2. The unit should not be permitted in areas identified as isolated areas and areas with a COVID-19 rating of 5% or higher.

3. Sufficient advance notice must be given by the state government to exercise caution during the celebration.

4. Unauthorized assemblies and the number of people (depending on local circumstances) permitted should be carefully monitored and appropriate for administrative and disciplinary action. violates the appropriate COVID code of conduct. Public engagement includes gathering space to ensure physical distancing.

5. Follow the posted instructions for stores, convenience stores, and places of worship available on the MoHFW website between November 30, 2020 and March 1, 2021.

6. State / UT should continue to focus on the five pillars of COVID-19 governance.

Although the COVID-19 image, which is part of the image and points to such a death, is on the decline, requires greater immunity. However, while India is unlikely to experience a wave of COVID-19 as the second deadly wave, some experts say fewer patients are not necessarily means The disease is now spreading, experts say.
In contrast, the number of new confirmed corona19 16,326 was less than 30,000 for 29 consecutive days. The death toll rose to 4,53,708, including 666, according to the Coalition’s Health Department on Saturday.
On the other hand, the number of COVID-19 in China rose to nine on Saturday. The recent outbreak involved two elderly couples who lived in multiple tour groups.

China on Thursday canceled hundreds of flights, closed schools and modernized major missiles to eliminate a new COVID-19 attack interfering with tourist groups. The Chinese capital is improving measures such as testing and restriction of hotels, according to the National Health Commission of China.
China had so far administered 2.23 billion COVID-19 vaccines to China on Saturday.



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