Top Five Indian Yoga Gurus

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Yoga is an art that is practiced to calm the human super functional brain, relax the body, and energize the system altogether. Yoga has lately become a key practice in our daily life. The awareness is augmenting day by day and people are engaging their time and money to churn out their soul in this miraculous activity. For some, it is a treatment to calm the mind and body, for others it is an appetite for the enigmatic functioning of the body. Though the Vedic sciences are quite complex, but if efforts are given nothing is impossible! Yoga gurus imbibe these art with years of seamless energy and efforts to build a real transition in the world and in the strenuous life of human beings.

The brilliant Yoga gurus in India who has made a tremendous positive difference in the lives of many are:

1. BKS Iyenger

BKS Iyenger-indian-yoga-guru

The spiritual and divine power can only be welcomed through Yoga in a person. To invite this power, a person needs a great mentor. India is a paradise where from Vedic age Yoga has been practiced. The 92 year old Yoga guru BKS Iyenger preaches his learnings in the form of ‘Chitta’. Chitta is the consciousness which polishes the mind, intellect and ego. His teachings belong to silencing the trembling of Chitta. His yoga practice silences the brain and triggers a flow of calm waves in the body.

2. Baba Ramdev

baba ramdev-best yoga guru in india

Baba Ramdev, who has made a trademark with his brilliant Yogasanas has reached into the daily life of the common man’s household.  Baba Ramdev, with his ayurvedic brand ‘Patanjali’ revolutionized the Indian nation and helped in healing the lives of many. His teachings, especially the one he does with stomach called ‘Kapaal Bhaati’ has been welcomed among common men and women. He has gained an incredible flexibility with his years of experience and to shower the same amongst masses he has been an utmost teacher. The Patanjali Yogpeeth is not just a famous organization for Yoga learning in India but its trumpets are heard across the globe. He also says that Yoga cures all major to minor diseases if practiced on a daily routine.

3. Bharat Thakur

bharath thakur-popular-yoga-gurus

Bharat Thakur Yoga goes with a brand name in the Indian subcontinent where people follow it blindly. The people who reaped the benefits are many and so this yoga has become a trademark by this fabulous yoga guru Bharat Thakur. He has specialized in artistic yoga and perceives a vision of spreading this word with happiness and peace. He preaches yoga not only as a science or theory but as a living and breathing science. The Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Kriya, Shatkarma, Mudra & Meditation are mainly focused on in his yoga which are fun to execute. These yoga techniques are built on a platform keeping in mind the professional and personal growth of a person.

4. Suneel Singh

Suneel Singh-best yoga gurus

Suneel Singh, the new age yoga guru is an epitome of modernity and tradition. He amalgamates yoga in a modern fashion keeping the track of young generation who touched the grounds of frustration quite easily. He is one of the first yoga gurus in India, who cures his patients by using simple tools like Zodiac Sign, Hasya Yoga And Yoga-Chi in order to treat them in a holistic way, like for instance yoga-chi which is a new thought pattern very similar to Dhyan. He is also into conducting workshops for corporate sector and households to spread the word.

5. Bikram Choudhary


Bikram Choudhary, who is 65, promotes a unique way of yoga where the sequenced 26 postures are developed from Hatha Yoga in a 105 degree environment. The 26 postures so designed makes an incredible impact on all the body parts and generates flexibility and weight loss. This yoga also heals the internal organs like the veins, muscles and ligaments to develop the finest health. The Bikram Yoga is designed in such a fashion that all the parts of the body share miraculous vibes and gain energetic waves while sweating out hard.



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