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A lot may know that the origin of this miraculous form of art took place in ancient India and its existence dates back to the pre-Vedic age. Research claims that it is most likely it was developed in the fifth or the sixth century. According to Cicero, “To be ignorant of what happened, before one was born”. As it is always good to gulp a bit of existence of something, with the fact of where it came from. We are humans, and rationality is our silver spoon right.

Well, Yoga is one brilliant form of art that has its substantial root attached with ancient India and various religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism have practiced it meticulously to confer its very existence today before us. We being blessed souls, because of the good deeds of our ancestors, we can imbibe this blazing art in our strenuous lifestyle. Possibly, they are keeping a track of our stringent life-cycle and are we executing the same or not with the diligent effort they put in to formulate the same? An inheritance we are cherishing and implementing to outshine our life.

All we humans are bribing ourselves by detaining the healthy lifestyle we may inculcate to make a balanced, healthy and fit life. Discipline is crucial part to achieve success, no matter in which task we may fall in. Moreover, to create a healthy mind, body need to get persistently healthy. The equivalence of healthy mind and healthy body, goes in proportionality, as who can strike a standing stone if mind is indulgent in some uncanny affair. Balance counts with focus, so decipher your mundane life in order to captivate the eyeballs of denizens around with your prolific work.

All you need to do:

Being a superlative element in the world, as a human, you own the power and will to make a real difference in your and other’s life. It is your actions that go upfront to visualize a change in the world around. Dump those sleeping bones attitude to achieve a magnificent life which is just revolving around.

A good session of Yoga of about 45 min is all you need. Make it a mandatory task for everyday, without any avoidance. Yoga has the power to diverge your prosaic life adding a scintillating effect in the same.

Breathing is the basic sense of “Pranayam”, and it escalates the system, relaxing your mind. It flushes away the negative vision we may perceive, and swirling your senses with positive mindset.

Make a difference by joining plausible hands with this magical power of Yoga!



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