#Twitter – iOS App Updated with New Features, Android and Web Versions Pending

The iOS application for a famous virtual entertainment stage was refreshed on Monday, yet the Android and web variants have not yet been refreshed. The update incorporates various new highlights, for example, the capacity to make surveys, another plan for the talk, and further developed execution. Clients who have refreshed the iOS application have been revealing a few issues, for example, the application crashing and the visit highlight not
working as expected. The issues have been acknowledged by the platform’s developers, who have stated that they are working on a solution.

Meanwhile, clients who are utilizing the Android or web renditions of the stage can’t get to the new elements. When the Android and web versions will be updated is unknown to the developers. The absence of an update for the Android and web adaptations has caused some dissatisfaction among clients. A few clients have taken to online entertainment to whine about the issue.

The engineers have said that they are functioning as fast as conceivable to deliver the update for the Android and web variants. They have not said when the update will be delivered, however, they have said that it will be delivered “as quickly as time permits.”