Apple Faces Parliamentary Probe Over Alleged Phone Hacking of Indian Leaders

The Indian government is considering summoning Apple representatives to appear before an administrative commission to answer questions about allegations of phone hacking. The allegations were made by several opposition leaders, who claimed that they had entered cautions from Apple advising them of” state- patronized attacks.”

The government has ordered a disquisition into the allegations, and the administrative commission has said that it’s” deeply concerned” by the matter. The commission is now considering whether to summon Apple representatives to swear.

Still, they will be asked to explain how the company’s security systems were suitable to describe the alleged attacks, and what steps the company is taking to cover its drugs from similar attacks, If Apple representatives are summoned. The commission is also likely to ask Apple about its cooperation with the government.

The allegations of phone hacking are a memorial that indeed the most important and secure technologies can be vulnerable to attack. The fact that these allegations have been made against Apple, one of the world’s leading technology companies, is particularly concerning.

The allegations also raise questions about the part of technology companies in guarding their druggies from cyberattacks. Apple has a responsibility to its druggies to ensure that their biases are secure, and to probe any allegations of security breaches completely.

The Indian government is also right to be concerned about the allegations of phone hacking. These allegations could have serious counter accusations for public security, as well as for the sequestration and security of individual citizens.