Vasundhara Raje’s Government is turning the table around!

Vasundhara Raje's Government is turning the table around!

Rajasthan, the largest state of the country is now becoming one of the most developed states of the country. Slowly, but gradually the state has seen great transformations under the leadership of Chief Minister of the state Smt. Vasundhara Raje. Rajasthan is shining out bright among rest of the states with the immense amount of developmental work being done in the state by the Vasundhara Raje’s Government.

Business in Rajasthan has taken a new turn under the CM Raje governance. When on November 19, 2015 the capital pink city, Jaipur conducted the second edition of Resurgent Rajasthan Summit, the state incurred MoU worth more than 250 crores. The event witnessed the presence of Union Ministers and top industrialists of the country. Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, with the major labour, industry and legal reforms has undoubtedly transformed the desert state and has proved that it has more growth space than ever thought about. Her initiatives and great agendas for the state and its people have made the state fetch a combined investment of 3.3 lakh in form of promising businesses. Also, the chairman of Hero MotoCrorp, Pawan Munjal came forward to help her in speedy clearance of the pending projects.

We believe his words were not just for the sake. The state government earlier in this month has made its existing single-window clearance system, completely online. This was started during the Congress Government under the leadership of former Chief Minister of the state Ashok Gehlot. This online system currently covers 53 services and over 11 departments including the state pollution control board. Anyone who aspires to set up an industry in the state can easily log on to the online system and get registered. Once the investor is registered and the information further reaches the respective departments, the investor gets a message on the registered mobile number about the status. Also, the investor can easily track the entire procedure by logging in the concerned website with an email and password created. This online system is undeniably a path breaking initiative of the Vasundhara Raje’s Government which has been started with an aim to  bring Rajasthan on top in the ranking of ease of doing business in the country. The state Rajasthan has ranked number 6 in the 2015 list by World Bank.

The best way to measure the development and the reforms that has been done under CM Raje’s leadership is to compare it with what happened in the past few years with the work that was done under the governance of former CM Ashok Gehlot. No doubt that CM Raje has brought on charts numerous schemes and developmental plans but the results are yet to show up. During the congress government, the state has cleared a total of 63 projects in 2011, 60 projects in 2012 and 20 projects in 2013 worth rupees 3297 crores, 2640 crores and 1860 crores respectively. Whereas, The Raje government has cleared a total of 178 projects in 2014, 134 in 2015 and 62 till June 2016 worth rupees 2359 crores, 3343 crores and 3000 crores respectively. The statistics speaks for the state; the success though will only depend on the implementation of the various policies for the investor sentiment.
CM Raje said, “In the next two-and-a-half years, we will ensure effective implementation of the reforms and policies undertaken by us.” Also, her officials believe and assure the people and the concerned that CM Vasundhara Raje is only aiming at converting the signed commitments into actual investments.
Vasundhara Raje's Government is turning the table around!

The current Vasundhara Raje’s Government is leaving no stone unturned and is making sure that no sector is left untouched during the tenure. The government claims at providing the youth of the state with more than 900000 jobs in the past two and a half years. The government has kept on priority the small and medium enterprises, solar energy and tourism sectors.”
“There is a renewed focus on tourism. Last year, we announced our tourism policy and it resulted in several responses. During the Rajasthan Resurgent Summit, we signed 220 deals related to this sector. Industrialists and small businessman are reaping the benefits, which include waiver of stamp charges,” says Vaibhav Galriya, commissioner of the Bureau of Investment Promotion in the government.

CM Raje’s top programmes at the crust like Nyay Aapke Dwa, are already deeming a success and her timely actions against officials who err have made her popular and people’s favourite leader. “I don’t understand why people were deprived of basic services like change in title in land records or correction of name. In some cases, people waited for more than 15-20 years. Through Nyay Aapke Dwar, we have managed to end more than four million such cases,” she says.

Not everything is going well though. The government is facing with the big challenges like drought, women safety, gross domestic product etc. But with the way the state government is checking the list of things to do in the state, or shall we say the way the government is speedily fulfilling all the commitments made, we are sure the Raje sarkar will also be able to cope with the above challenges making Rajasthan one of the rapidly developing states in the country. By the mean time let us show you the difference between the Congress and Vasundhara Raje’s Government government on various parameters.

Who did it better?
  Ashok Gehlot/Congress   Vasundhara Raje/BJP    
Parameters 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15  2015-16 (BE) 2016-17 (BE)
Fiscal defict 0.83 1.73 2.76 3.1 3.2 5.62*
GSDP 8.34 4.24 6.07 6.11 6.23 NA
  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 (till July)
* with effect of UDAY            
Projects cleared through Single Window System 
Number of projects/total investment (in Rs. Crore) 63/3297 60/2640 20/1860 178/2359 134/3343 62/3000

Sources: Govt of Rajasthan, Reserve Bank of India



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