Watch : Panchkula police wishing Birthday to single living Colonel left him teary eyed

A really sweet gesture of wishing a Colonel on his Birthday by Panchkula Police force brought tears to his eyes.

The elderly man, resides in Sector 7 alone and was really moved by the surprise that was given to him by the Panchkula Police force.

The Police force came to his front door with a cake and sang the birthday song for him which brought him to tears.

Colonel thanked the police force for “making his day” and the police force wished him good health.

The video of the heartfelt moment was shared by the Commissionerate of Panchkula on Twitter.

“Lockdown Birthdays can be special too. We wish Sh. Karan Puri of Sector 7, Panchkula a Very Happy Birthday”, the tweet read.



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