This Weekend Travel Can Give You Money Jolts with Skyrocketing Airfares

The weekend indicator Thursday has not brought much of relief for travelers. Try to make this weekend a Netflix day as the sky rocketing prices of domestic airlines can leave with stress lines on your forehead. Some routes even have doubled prices than usual. Last minutes bookings can even be more stressful accompanied with money soaked prices. The week had started with Hanuman Jayanti in UP and will climax with bids of Good Friday.

If you go on for buying tickets for Thursday night and planning to return by Sunday evening or Monday morning, you will be end up paying sky rocketing prices. Sneha is a homemaker from Ghaziabad and was planning to travel Bengaluru at his brother’s place. She mentioned, “Buying a return even on low cost carriers is costing up to Rs 29-30,000. I had to drop my plan of going”. In fact, a fly from Delhi to Mumbai will give you a cost burden of around Rs. 20,000 for this week.

Sharat Dhall, the president has so much to say on this, like, “The spike can be attributed mostly to increase in load factors and advance purchasing of the tickets, leading to few seats left for last minute travel”.

Amod Thatte from SOTC Travel mentioned, “The demand has been at its peak and this has led to a hike in airfares of 10-15%. However this has not affected travellers who have planned and booked with us well in advance.”

An Airline official said, “Everyone likes to bask in the glory of India being the fastest growing aviationmarket but they are not paying enough attention to infrastructure. Mumbai is choked and Navi Mumbai airport is nowhere on the radar for over a decade. Greater Noida airport is also being spoken of for the same time. Infrastructure has to be made available where the demand is. Passengers pay a high price in form of steep domestic fares in peak demand times due to big airports’ inability to accommodate more flights when demand peaks”.

If we look at the previous year data, there were 10 crore flyings within the nation with an average of 83 lakh every month.

On contrary, international fairs are untouched and have not seen any such hikes.