5 Times When Shraddha Kapoor Personified Cuteness!

Cutest actress Shraddha Kapoor has made her presence felt in Bollywood in a very short period of time. She has stunned us with her beautiful yet elegant avatar. With her impressive acting skills in movies like Aashiqui2, Ek Villain, Haider and Disney ABCD2, she seems to be going towards the right direction. After all there is the wonderful actor and father Shakti Kapoor who is present as a mentor and a guiding figure for her to learn from.

Here’s wishing the gorgeous girl  Shraddha Kapoor  a very happy 27th birthday!!

There have been a lot of times when Shraddha Kapoor broke all records in being so adorable and cute. Let us check out some of them, and see how cute she gets especially when she is with her family.

shraddha kapoor picture with father

We can see from where does the naughty streak in Shraddha ignite? Fun filled inspiration is there at home itself.

images of shraddha kapoor with mother

Cuteness is incomplete with a tinge of innocence. This old mother daughter picture showcases the source of sheer innocence the latter acquired from her mother.


Any father daughter bond is precious as seen in this picture.

images of shraddha kapoor latest

Cuteness actually runs in the Kapoor family. Look at sister Shraddha Kapoor with brother Siddhant Kapoor and niece Vedika Kapoor!

shraddha kapoor with her father pic

On her 27th birthday, all we wish for her to achieve great success. Hopefully more than her father like every dad would want. May she always remain this cute and adorable!