All’s Not Fine within AAP—the Wounds of Punjab-Goa Losses Run Deep Among Leaders

Rumours about Sisodia-Kejriwal Rift are all Over the Media, should we expect a Split?

All’s not well in the AAP paradise. Can’t say we haven’t been expecting it earlier. With party experiencing shameful defeat in Punjab and Goa state assembly elections this year, Kejriwal was bound to create more drama. Needless to say, the Delhi CM hasn’t disappointed us at all. It was really hilarious to watch him bawling his eyes out in front of the cameras, pinning his defeat on the faulty EVMs. At one instance, Kejriwal blamed BJP for tampering with EVM machines in Goa, Punjab, UP and Uttarakhand. When questioned about BJP’s loss in Delhi and Bihar elections, he was quick to retort that the high command didn’t manipulate the EVMs in these states for they were confident of their victory there.

While we may not know the underlying principle behind the functioning of the EVM machines, we know it’s hard to tamper with the EVMs in four states, including Uttar Pradesh, which has as many as 403 seats in the state assembly.

To prove his point, Kejriwal desperately supported his claim while saying that the voters in Punjab have claimed they’ve voted for AAP, so if they casted their votes, where did all these votes go? And that’s not all. BSP Supremo Mayawati and Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi soon followed into the footsteps of Kejriwal. They too blamed the centre for manipulating the EVMs. Sadly for them, the EC (election commission) dismissed these claims this Tuesday. The EC guaranteed the ‘safety and efficacy’ of EVM machines saying that they were tamper-proof.

Rumours about Sisodia-Kejriwal Rift are all Over the Media, should we expect a Split?
Rumours about Sisodia-Kejriwal Rift are all Over the Media, should we expect a Split?

Even Anna Hazare, the mentor and guide of CM Arvind Kejriwal expressed his concern on this ‘backward mentality’. According to Hazare, Kejriwal is plotting to take the country one step back. Today, he’s demanding for elections through ballots, tomorrow he’ll demand pigeons instead of postal service.

To top it, CM Kejriwal was mercilessly trolled by newspapers and Twitteratis in last few days. In the light of recent event, we recommend Kejriwal to introspect his election strategies. Like Congress, the AAP supremo attempted to ride two boats together. Sadly, he forgot that he’s not an accomplished stuntsman, unlike Bollywood star Ajay Dewgan.

His purport for election was anti-Baadal approach. Rather than coming up with a real solution to the existing drug problem in Punjab, he was hell bent on targeting the SAD-BJP alliance on drug menace. His pro-Khalistani approach, weak campaigning and mismanagement in Delhi are prime reasons behind his fallout with his fellow party members like Manish Sisodiya. Upset and agitated by his attitude, several AAP leaders like Yogendra and Prashant Bhushan have left the party.

Moreover, due to his dictator type political leadership has caused splits within the party. It seems like Kejriwal hasn’t learnt from his losses. All his party members are slowly abandoning the party. If things continue like this,  it’ll be difficult for him to retain his throne in Delhi, regardless of his ambitious dreams of conquering the entire nation.