Adani Agri Fresh Limited Farm-Pik Apples are the new face of organic Apple Farming and are worth the tastee

Adani Agri Fresh Limited Farm-Pik Apples
Adani Agri Fresh Limited Farm-Pik apples
Adani Agri Fresh Limited Farm-Pik Apples
Adani Agri Fresh Limited Farm-Pik apples

Adani Agri Fresh Limited has instituted India’s largest integrated apple supply chain initiative with ultra-modern storage infrastructure to provide fresh farm products to the consumers and improve the livelihood of the apple farmers.

To keep up the ideal quality, the produce is exposed to solidness and development tests before buy. AAFL made an impressive interest in cases to empower ranchers to carry apples to its CA offices. This killed over-pressing and over-burdening rehearses. Cultivators were prepared on planning their gather to guarantee the appropriate immovability and development of the produce. Adani additionally imported completely robotized apple graders for arranging and to build up a straightforward installment framework wherein the farmers are remunerated dependent on the shading, size, and weight of every apple. Dissimilar to customary unloading in Mandis, Adani Agrifresh declares its acquisition cost already through a wide assortment of correspondence components, for example, nearby dailies, SMS cautions, direct data through the Hub administrators and direct calls to ranchers by the organization staff. This component enables the farmers to take choices on expanding their pay and work freely without delegates.

This is perhaps the most striking changes that Adani Agrifresh has presented in Apple Value Chain, where the farmers know the value that they will get ahead of time. The net acknowledgment got by the ranchers through this technique has expanded extensively after the effective implantation of the CA units by AAFL in the distant areas of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

Eating crunchy, juicy AAFL apple around the year is possible due to Controlled Atmosphere Storage.

CA Storage involves carefully placing the apple in large airtight refrigerated rooms where temperature, oxygen, carbon-di-oxide and humidity are carefully monitored. This controlled atmosphere slows down the respiration rate of the fruit which in turn slows the ripening process.

Farm-Pik apples are available across 36 cities in India through our distributors. We are looking at expanding the footprint by making our products available in new territories.

The Farm-Pik promise is to deliver fresh, crunchy, juicy and healthy produce to our consumers across India. AAFL does this by implementing a range of technology-driven facilities for product handling, sorting, preservation and dispatch. A range of product quality scientific tests are conducted so that only the right quality reaches our consumers across India.



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