Bangalore Molestation Truth Revealed: Convict Reveals that Nagawara Molestation was All Planned

The infamous Nagawara Molestation case took a shocking turn with the arrest of Irshad Khan, the 34-year old brother-in-law of the victim. According to Karnataka police, the alleged molestation of a 23-year old woman was planned by Irshad. The convict got this idea from the recent Bangalore molestation case that shook the entire nation.

Nagawara Molestation Victim Repeatedly Changed her Statements

The said victim, who works in a private company in Koramng Ala filed a complaint in the KG Halli police station where she reported that while she was waiting for her bus at Nagawara Main Road, she was attacked by a man around 6 am on Friday. The convict abused her and bit her. Shaken and hurt by the incident she somehow collected herself and went to a nearby hospital to get the bruises and bite marks treated.

A day later, she changed her version and said she herself bit on her lips by mistake. This raised doubts about the victim’s credibility. Hemant Nimbalkar, the Additional Police Commissioner, who was handling this case filed a case for molestation and started the investigation based on the victim’s testimony.

When the police obtained the CCTV footage of shops located near the crime scene, all evidence indicated the involvement of a family member. Moreover, the victim’s brother-in-law Irshad Khan created drama on her safety that drew the investigating police’s attention towards him. He also bribed local goons to protest against the Bangalore police to give this case social attention.

What’s the Shameful Truth behind Bangalore Molestation Case?

The police somehow suspected Irshad’s involvement in this case. The said convict is a sales executive working in Bangalore. When he was arrested in forced to speak out truth, he gave in police pressure and revealed the truth.

The victim was in a relationship with Irshad Khan, who wanted to marry her. Seeing that the family would object to this union, he hatched this conspiracy to defame his sister-in-law as a victim of sexual assault.

According to Khan, he hatched this plan after he saw the nation’s outburst at the Kammanahalli molestation case. By scheming this controversy, the convict hoped that the victim’s potential suitor would turn her down and he could seek her hand in marriage. Even the family will have to give their consent eventually, seeing that no one is interested in marrying the girl.

Now, the convict is in police custody and the police are trying to find out if the victim was involved in this planning.

On one hand, when the entire nation comes together to criticise Nirbhaya gang rape and Kammanahalli molestation, incidents like these shatter our faith in humanity. Probably this is why the locals don’t help rape victims in need because they’re scared of getting involved in a conspiracy. The government needs to implement strict measures against such offenders to prevent such mishaps in future.