Barkha Shukla Singh Got Kicked Out Of Congress After Speaking Truths Of Rahul Gandhi

Barkha Shukla Singh, the former Delhi Congress leader had to see the exit gate because of his stark remark on Rahul Gandhi’s mental health. She recently tweeted Rahul Gandhi as “mentally unfit” and thus got expelled from the party.

On Thursday, Ms. Singh made announcement that she was removing herself from the chief of the women’s wing of the Delhi section. She didn’t consider it as the right position for her but had not quit the troop. Her terror remark on the party invited a lot of agony as the party has a tradition of no ifs and buts in front of Gandhi family.

The party has expelled Ms Singh for a time period of six years for conducting “anti party activities right before the time of MCD elections”. Party’s disciplinary committee took this grave decision.

Countering this, Ms. Singh mentioned that, “The senior-most leaders of the party, I would not like to name anyone, are also of the view that Rahul Gandhi is mentally unfit to lead the party but choose not to stay it because of reasons that are unknown to me”.

Delhi Congress chief Ajay Maken was also not deprived of her stark remarks as he is engrossed in the revolt with some leaders. Ms Singh promptly mentioned that, “Mr. Makan misbehaved, not only with me but also with several office bearers of the Mahila Congress”.

They made the necessary requests to Rahul Gandhi but he paid no heed.

Congress party is facing this mammoth issue of growing non-followers. This happened because Mr. Gandhi have no interest in their problems.

She also said, “The one pertinent question we need to ask today is why is Rahul Gandhi in hiding? Why is he scared of meeting his own party members?”

As per the opinions of Ms. Singh, Rahul Gandhi is fond of sycophants who does not ask any questions and just follow his blind path.