The Best Hotel Choices For Leh & Ladakh Trip

The stark beauty of Leh and Ladakh mesmerizes the escapades. The snowy beauty not only nestles in the lap of Himalayas, but is nothing less than a cold desert. This gives you a perfect, blend of adventure and relaxation. A rush in the adrenaline can never be undermined and traded for lesser things of life. While you plan to get strayed in breathtaking valleys of Leh & Ladakh, finding a spot to stay is equally preferable. To serve the need, we have picked 5 hotels in Leh and Ladakh for your stress-free stay and fun:

The Grand Dragon:

A stay at Hotel Grand Dragon can never be forgotten for it gives you the sceneries of Himalayas. Getting one booked will give you all amenities in the price of 4-star. Wi-Fi facilities and a centrally heated space will give a home like feel. Also, the scrumptious food will keep your warm and happy.

Hotel Lasermo:

The elite point here is, Hotel Lasermo is just some walks away from the main market. The rooms accommodate quite a warming space. The staff is also quite inviting and can even help you with tour packages. The food is quite a thing to consider here. If you are quite a Bollywood fan they you would love the place. They have a Bollywood Star Gallery to manifest that, many film stars have stayed in this hotel.

Hotel Lotus:

If you are looking an economically sober place, then Hotel Lotus can top your list of priorities. The hotel is a fine place to make you feel homely and cosy as the staff will give you the right homely feel. Also, the place has a fine garden for your cosy stay in between the apple trees. Happiness is getting breakfast served in the garden.

Hotel Chube:

A budget travel can be best accomplished with Hotel Chube. The staff is quite serving. This small hotel space with 5 rooms will give you a whole lot of intimate feel.