Book You Winter Evenings With These Outdoor Delhi Restaurants

Winter has almost touched our skins and all things Delhi dwellers can think of is relishing sumptuous food in chilly colds. Apart from giving you a reason to snuggle into your thoughts, winters are a reason of celebration in our country. Especially, winter evenings give you the reason to hold onto your binging habits. Food and babbles is all you need to keep you lukewarm during this frosty season of the year. Below we have wrapped up 6 places in Delhi to dine in which can defrost your freezing thoughts this winter.

1. Amour – The Patio Restaurant, Cafe and Bar
Spoil yourself for – Rs. 2800 (Two People)


So, here is a place to serve your secret love for food. As the name itself suggests, Amour is known as the perfect choice for romantic dates in Hauz Khas Village. Also, Amour has good cosy and sultry setting of outdoors. Restaurant serve good taste of Continental, Mediterranean, French, Seafood and Italian.
2. The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe
Spoil yourself for – Rs. 1200 (Two People)

Beating the contemporaries, they offer unique cuisine taste for its patrons. Coming up with mouth-drooling Bihari fare, the cafe comes up with the most perfect Litti Chokha in Delhi. It offers the ambience full of breeze mood and give you venting moment from stuffed city life. You can rely on Bingan Bharta, Mutton Chokha and Aloo Bharta here at friendly prices.
3.Lodi – The Garden Restaurant
Spoil yourself for – Rs. 2500 (Two People)

Lodi – The Garden Restaurant is a spot to binge on scrumptious Mughlai, Lebanese, Continental and European dishes. Normally, you will see their patrons who are authors, profuse journalists, think tanks and other likeminded folks. Sometimes, love couples also find it as their flit point, may be because of its favouring ambience.
4. Sam’s Cafe
Spoil yourself for – Rs. 1000 (Two People)

The place offers you an unforgettable experience wrapping up all in your budget. While serving your taste buds, the cafe think least about rigid sophistication of dinning in. They have outdoor setting and entertain the travellers, peer groups and couples. During evenings, the cafe sets its special charm, embellished with dim lanterns and the feel of hubbub of Paharganj, it gives you more than you expect of it.
5. Imperfecto
Spoil yourself for – Rs. 2000 (Two People)

The place is cool and cosy at the same time. The place is modest yet affected with all affability of its ambience. Imperfecto is perfect for serving you during your romantic dates. They offer Spanish and Italian, teaming them up with its lively music.



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