Delhi Police Arrest 3 For Smuggling Drugs From Pakistan Using Drones

Drug suppliers drone, drug suppliers suppliers
File image of the drone used by drug suppliers

Three Indian nationals were detained today by the Delhi Police Counter Intelligence Unit for their involvement in a Pakistani narcotics ring.

The suspects, Malkit Singh, Dharmendra Singh, and Harpal Singh, are Punjab residents who were apprehended in Delhi’s Sarai Kale Khan by the Special Cell of the Counter Intelligence Unit.

According to the authorities, the accused were distributing narcotics trafficked from Pakistan via drones in Punjab and other states in exchange for money transferred via a hawala network from drug mafias in Pakistan to Pakistan.

According to authorities, the three drug suppliers who were designated fugitives in Punjab have connections in the United States and the Philippines. The accused was also found to be in possession of firearms and ammunition, according to the police.

Phone numbers from the Philippines and the United States were discovered in the accused’s mobile phones. Their accused handlers utilised these numbers to tell them where to go to collect the shipment of narcotics transported by Pakistan through drones, which was afterwards transferred to their source in Punjab.

According to investigators, the suspects supplied heroin throughout Punjab and other regions of the nation between 2010 and 2011.

The culprit has been brought into jail by the Punjab Police, and an inquiry has begun.