Drown in the fervor of Janmashtami

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Govinda Aala Re – Govinda

Ahead of the Janmashtami celebrations which will fall on September 5, the festival that marks the birth of Lord Krishna, every town is buzzing with full-fledged preparations for the celebrations. Janmashtami, being a festival that is celebrated with warmth and zest, brings immense joy and fervor with the Hindu God Lord Krishna or ‘Laddoo Gopal’ is welcomed in the world. Every one is busy in making elaborate arrangements for hassle free darshan of the principal deity at his Janmasthan.

India celebrates Janmashtami at par as people devote themselves in Krishnas’ bhajans and forget themselves in while chanting “Jai Shree Krishna”. India is a country that is filled with varied emotions and religious beliefs. People here worship God and with immense zest as they bring an essence of spirituality. As we see, people gather from different corners to worship their God and when it is Janmashtami, everyone looks to pay obeisance to their lord Krishna. God is for one and all and they holds equal rights at least in their devotional sentiments.

The basic feature that highlights the festival of Janmashtami is ‘fasting’. The devotees of Krishna generally keep fast all day to pay their love and affection to their ladoo gopal and as the clock strikes the hour of midnight, they break their fasts. The holy places remain crowded with the followers reaching there to get showered with the blessings.

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image source-www.newindianexpress.com

India is diversified in its cultures, religions and festivals and occasions like these marks the vehemence more intense. The entire bevy of followers break their fast only after feeding the Lord Krishna and break their fast with curd, honey, sugar and fruits. It is all lead by devotional bhajans and devotees dwelling in the mode of ecstasy.

The atmosphere in Vrindavan and Mathura (place where Krishna was born) is quite winsome as people gather from all over the nation and abroad to partake in the festivities. The Krishna ‘Rasleela‘ is an event that involves the entire city of Vrindavana. ‘Rasleela’ is a form of devotional dance which Gopis (the ardent Krishna lovers) performed with the lord.

In Maharashtra, Janmashtami is famous by Dahi Handi, where the young brigade frames a pyramid and try breaking’the Handi which is set at the top. After hitting the Handi filled with Dahi, ‘Govinda Govinda’ is chanted by the crowd gathered to witness the festivities. Janmashtami has a significance to connect the people together, rather all the Hindu festivals embraces a vital bond where people exchange bliss.



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