Interesting Facts about Salman Khan Starrer Tubelight Movie

We’ve viewed its teasers several times. We find it a contender of the 100-crore club. It seems like a blockbuster of the year by dynamic duo Kabir-Salman. Yes, you’re right! We’re talking about Tubelight: the most-talked movie of the year.

The film portrays ‘Bhai’ (Salman Khan) and Chinese Actress Zhu Zhu in lead roles. We delved into the world of Tubelight and uncovered lesser known facts about this incredible movie.

Here are some interesting facts about Tubelight movie.

  1. Tublight showcases Chinese actresses Zhu Zhu in lead role. The talented actress has acted in many Hollywood movies like Cloud Atlas, The Man with the Iron Fist, and Shanghai Calling. This is her first Bollywood movie.
  2. This is the first Indian movie to simultaneously release in India and China on the same date. Also, it’s the fifth movie that made it to the Chinese theaters after Happy New Year, Baahubali, PK and 3 Idiots.
  3. The movie is a remake of American war-movie Little Boy. The makers of Indian ‘Tubelight’ bought its original title from a Kannada production house.
  4. In India, the word tubelight is used as slang for a dim-witted or slow learner. The word was derived from ‘tube light’ (LED lights) that takes some time to flicker, unlike bulbs.
  5. The movie was shot at breathtaking outdoor locations in Manali and Ladakh. Rest of the shooting was done at a special outdoor set in Mumbai, specially designed for the purpose of shooting.
  6. We’ve heard rumors about Salman’s ex-beau Katrina Kaif and foe-turned-friend Shah Rukh Khan doing cameo roles in the movie.
  7. Many studios around the world are pining for the worldwide distribution rights of the movie. However, COO Amar Butala is yet to give his final statement in this matter.

Knowing these facts, we look forward to watching Salman Khan’s Tubelight in the theaters this June.