Food Essential for getting a Glowing and Healthy Skin

Everyone one of us wants to look good, in terms of health, appearance and energy. The need is satisfied in various possible ways such as, consuming varied varieties of food cuisines prepared in best possible way. By using most expensive brand of face-wash, thinking that will change their appearance or improve skin tone.

We spend a few grand for buying a hair gel, a lip gloss, beauty cosmetics and other such things. But generally we never take into consideration natural ways of changing our Skin tone, Health and Energy.

Let us consider the skin tone, if it is about an individual who possess a dark complexion or a dry skin. Then he/she will hunt in market for an expensive face crème, face-wash or high grade cosmetics. The products will definitely help out in makeover, but at the same time will also have side-effects, moreover it will be a temporary and not the permanent one.

Despite of investing your hard earned money on temporary solutions, let us make you aware of few completely natural ways. That will help you in getting yourself a glowing, vibrant and younger skin. This process does not include any therapy. On the contrary we suggest you to include a few food items in your daily diet to feel the change.

Here are few fruits and vegetable which can assist a vibrant skin:

tips for glowing skin

Tomatoes – It is rich in Lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant which eliminates skin-aging radicals from ultraviolet exposure. The fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids give your skin a healthful glow like Sweet Potatoes. Fruits such as watermelon can be a good source of lycopene.

spinach-tips for glowing face and skin

Spinach – a vegetable rich in folate, a vitamin B that helps in DNA repair and possibly minimize the risk of skin cancer. Green vegetable like Spinach, Kale, Turnip Greens, Broccoli and Asparagus are all rich in vitamin A, iron and Vitamin K. Iron helpful in carrying oxygen, whereas Vitamin K helps preventing varicose veins.

fruits for glowing skin

Dark Chocolates – Flavanols in chocolate acts as antioxidants; it provides sun protection and reduces roughness of skin for healthier appearance and feel.

Whole Grains- best ways to glowing your skin

Whole Grains – They are rich in Vitamin B that aids cells in dealing out fats to hydrate and revitalize skin. The complex carbohydrates mixed with fiber in whole grain are digested slowly and absorbed slowly and does not create sugar heat up, which contribute to acne.

OMI_Strawberry- glowing skin tips

Strawberries – It is another good source of Vitamin C, which also reduces risks of skin cancer.

OMI_Apple- tips for glowing skin

Apples – Apples contains quercetin, an antioxidant in its peel which protects against sun damage.

OMI_Protein-for-glowing skin

Protein – It is vital for the elasticity of our skin. One must consume decent amount of protein (amino acid) in his/her daily diet.



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