Gurugram woman sacrifices her life; Saves many lives from a highrise fire

Gurugram highrise

It is a cliché that heroes always wear special costume and save the world. Sometimes, the ordinary people like us do something extraordinary and save the lives. Recently, a 32-year old woman from Gurugram saved many lives without thinking about herself. A 32-year-old interior designer, Swati Garg, lost her life in order to save many lives from high-rise. Swati was an interior designer and hailed from Madhya Pradesh.

Know the full incident
A high-rise Tulip Orange tower in Gurugram caught fire at 2 am. She was fifth floor resident of tower B6 of the building. Soon after the fire had broken out in the electric shaft on the first floor of the tower B6, it started rising up.

She had quickly alerted her own family and asked them to leave the place. Without caring about her life, she had begun to alert other families in building. Thanks to her courage, the residents of the buildings and their families rushed to safer flats to escape the blazing fire. Due to swirling smoke and darkness, Girish and Swati lost track of each other in the process of running away.

Her husband Girish, their four-year-old daughter, her mother and a friend who was living with them all escaped. Swati’s husband and daughter were safe and her mother got some injuries.

A police complaint is filed against the developer Tulip Infrastructure and its maintenance agency of Tulip Orange tower under section 304 (culpable homicide).

Gurugram highrise
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Swati’s death
She died due to asphyxiation. She couldn’t climb up as well didn’t ask for help. She collapsed next to the locked gate. As per the reports, the fire was put out at 4:30. By that time, Swati was dead. Her efforts and desire to save everyone paid result. But, in the process she lost her life. She is an example of bravery.



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