Holi celebration: How to remove colour from skin and hair post Holi


As India is a land of festivals so every now and then you have a festival to celebrate. One of such festivals is Holi. Holi is an amazing festival that sprinkles colours in your life. It is such a festival that helps you to forget all the past harshness and make a fresh start. It is even called a Festival of Togetherness. There is also a tradition to play with colours and gulaal on this day. Well… taking off colours from skin and hair is really challenging task. These colours are really harmful to your body. So, you also look for the tips to remove colour from your skin and hair.

Apply Oil pre-Holi
Applying oil well before you go to play Holi is the wonderful idea. In fact, this is best way to remove colours from skin and hair after Holi. As oil moisturizes your skin so it won’t allow colours to settle inside.

Cold water is friendly
Water always does wonder even in case of removing Holi colour. After playing Holi, rinse you hair and splash your face with cold water. Don’t use hot water. Hot water makes it difficult to remove colour easily.

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Stay Gentle
It is important to stay gentle to yourself while removing Holi colours. It happens that colors are so stubborn that it won’t remove in one day. So, remove them gently. Excessive use of soap and shampoo make skin and hair dry. You should also apply good moisturizer to your skin. Don’t forget to use conditioner for your hair.

Removing Dry colour or Gulaal
Be very wise while removing Gulaal. If you wash gulaal with water then it will stick to your skin and hair. So, it’s better to dust-off gulaal well before splashing water over yourself.

Use Coconut oil
Coconut oil makes a wonderful ingredient to remove colour from your skin. Dip cotton ball in coconut oil and apply over your skin. This will help in removing colour. After this, wash your skin with mild soap and rub it gently.

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