How the Ajay Chopra Arrest Is Connected to Ashok Gehlot’s Artful Scam?

Congress Scams in India

The recent news of Crayons owner, Ajay Chopra getting arrested is leaving many people in dismay and confusion. Shockingly, the private company was a part of a big government scam of Gehlot times. The advertising scam case is a living fraud by Ashok Gehlot in the political history of Rajasthan. Amidst this cooked dish of Rs. 500 crore, Crayons Media had a big partake of Rs. 100 crore. Around, 175 cable operators in the state were distributed CDs to run a government advertisement highlighting the schemes like, “Jal hai to kal hai” and “Mukha Mantri Shahri Away Yojna”.

The investigation by the anti-corruption bureau revealed some shocking results as the government officials stockpiled the whole money which was allegedly paid to operators and none of the cable operators had received any money.  Also, no such contract was signed which clearly indicated that, this was a contemplated ploy of the Gehlot government.

Resultantly, Jaipur’s top advertising firm “Crayons” is passing through massive mess these days. Sadly, this time they don’t have any “Gehlot government” in power to secure themselves.

On Tuesday, Ajay Chopra, who is the owner of Crayons media accepted his offence and surrendered to the anti-corruption bureau

The Advertising scam is one of the major political catastrophes in Rajasthan. The Anti Corruption Bureau confirmed that Ashok Gehlot was very much involved in the scam along with the DIPR director Loknath Soni. During this, Ashok Gehlot had splurged a fortune of Rs. 500 crore on ads and campaigns to highlight himself in all the media channels and platforms.

Since long, the case was hovering and no any big decision had come out because the game was played so slyly, that court was not getting enough proves. Someone rightly said that truth can be suppressed but can’t be hidden. When the Supreme Court did not accept any interim bail for the Crayons owner Ajay Chopra, he made the surrender before the court. The court had asked Ajay Chopra to surrender within 14 days after April 18th, when his bail petition was filed.

This is a clear case of money siphoning, as the Ajay Chopra and any other government officials drew money out of the contracts of advertisement campaigns run by the government.

CM Secretary Transfer Left the Officials in Fear  

Not just the money laundering but the case has many other awful details. Under the influence of former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, DIPR department released payments for fake advertising news and when opposed the CM secretary was transferred without any former notice.

Conclusively, this whole plot gave a dearth of Rs. 500 crore to Rajasthan and Ashok Gehlot is still living in peace with this. Truth is unleashing gradually and this arrest of Ajay Chopra is just a part of it.



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