Ashok Gehlot’s partner in crime, Rajendra Solanki put behind bars. Gehlot to be arrested soon?

Rajendra Solanki

Being in the good books of a state Chief Minister is considered as benison and not a curse in India. You can be rescued out of any scam, with as much effortlessness as if nothing had ever happened; traces are removed, evidences are erased. However, as far as the rule of exception is operational, getting close to chief ministers may wreak unimaginable disgrace on your public image.

If you are a close acquaintance of former Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot, you would know what I mean. Over the past years, Gehlot’s game plotting has reaped him desired results. Gehlot confidants are in for intense slander in the market, so to say they may be tied up behind the bars or be accused of an atrocious female rape case or be labeled as a perfidious politician.

If you want to get close to Ashok Gehlot, you might as well get ready to visit the prison. The recent past has offered us absolute insights of bad luck inflicted onto those who were close to Former Rajasthan leader, who is now shifted to Gujarat for good.

The tune of corruption of Indian ministers has raised too high. Categorically, Ashok Gehlot’s scams are exceptionally high, given the graft quantum crosses the wide range of Rs 20-100 crore and reaches a whopping 250 crore. Lo and Behold, a sum of Rs 250 crore isn’t a joke! It hurts when ministers erode state treasury for their selfish gains. Their shrewdness is condemnable (to say the least)!

Gehlot’s pal Rajendra Solanki thrown behind the bars?

On Tuesday, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) arrested Congress leader Rajendra Solanki, popular loyalist of Ashok Gehlot. With unconditional guidance and under the table support from Gehlot, Solanki succeeded in earning a fraction of Rs 250 crore (obviously larger fraction went into Gehlot’s pockets overflolwing with public’s money).

Malediction reaches to its peak when you join hands with a minister like Ashok Gehlot who is stingy and money-minded to the core. I fail to understand how in a period of less than 5 months, one more loyalist of Ashok Gehlot has been convicted of serious charges of dirty politicking and corruption. Former Congress MLA Jugal Kabra was arrested in connection with the Jodhpur University recruitment scam.

The ACB arrested Solanki after the Supreme Court stayed the anticipatory bail granted to him by the Rajasthan High Court last month.

Solanki who was the chairperson of Jodhpur Development Authority, failed to deliver to public. But Oh! He served his mate right. The nasty fellow abused his political power for raining monetary gains. Where is this money going? Is it being invested overseas to buy a sprawling property or is it being deposited in Swiss banks?

Had Gehlot worn better clothes, got his hair dyed, vacationed in the Maldives with his alleged girlfriends, I would have understood where his felonious acts are benefitting him; where is he investing stashed money, the count of which runs into 1000 crore (or more)!



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