IMF chief asks PM Narendra Modi to pay more attention to women safety

Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi has recently got advice from International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde on women security and safety in the country. As the Kathua rape case turned to a national outrage and protests are taking place in the nation hence there is pressure on Indian PM. Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao case also provoked the people.

At the spring meeting of the international finance organisations in Washington, IMF chief made this statement. She said, “What has happened (in India) is just revolting. I would hope that the Indian authorities, starting with Prime Minister Modi, pay more attention because it is needed for the women of India.” She further stated that this is her personal view and not of IMF.

In fact, this is the second time in few months that IMF chief had asked PM Modi to improve the conditions for women in India. She pointed out that at the World Economic Forum in Davos, she asked Modi that he had not mention much about the condition of Indian women in his speech.

Narendra Modi
mage credit: indianexpress

PM’s reaction on safety of women
PM Modi was criticised for his silence and protesters demanded that the government take concrete steps to check sexual violence. While in London at a town hall event, PM Narendra Modi finally broken his silence and promised ‘justice to India’s daughters’. He said that such incidents should not be politicised as a rape is a rape.



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