India To See Beam Of “Achhe Din” With Becoming 2017’s Best Performing Market Globally

After so many years of suffering, Indian economy is finally in stainless hands. Though, they may call demonetisation a failed move, but despite of that, the recent election results have shown an upcoming superpower facet of BJP in India. Examples of BJP’s stronghold are so apparent that we can hardly deny its return in 2019. On top of it, in the year 2017, India has become a strong performing market around the world. This year, the Sensex benchmark has touched the upper mark of 14 percent. On Friday, India was marked as the best market in performance. Also, BJP’s win in UP have arisen the stock price levels and rupee standards even more.

Indian market’s glorious global market position is leading the Singapore and Brazil markets in the year 2017.

Most of the other markets, which are boasting of high returns, are benefiting out of consolidation of their native currencies against the dollar. For example, countries like Taiwan and South Korea are in hike of 10 per cent in context of dollar.

As the investors from over the seas deal in green currency, dollar-returns is an important thing to consider. This opulent picture of the Indian economy, has appeared after the two years of dull performance. So, here we have something to cheer about for electing the right government. While in the year 2015, Indian market had shredded 9 percent in terms of dollar, it covered all odds this year. Surviving that faulty phase, Bhartiya Janta Party (the ruling party) gave the nation its biggest breakthrough this year.

Another great news is, FPIs (Foreign Portfolio Investment) gave India big investment benefits with bringing equities worth $3 billion. Though, the other surfacing champions like Mexico and South Korea managed to lure better flows, this satisfies the thumping hearts of many pessimist Indians. On the other hand, the domestic inflows are also high worth $1 billion.