Indian Government set to enter Guinness Book of Records on Modi’s 66th Birthday!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Guinness Book

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most talked about personality in India. Every time and again Prime Minister with his commendable work here in the country and abroad has made headlines. Prime Minister is followed by a number of people at domestic and international level. Prime Minister has taken some great initiatives over the past 2.5 years with an aim of transforming India like never before.

Once again the prime minister has hit the headlines not because he has flown to another country to make another deal, but because his birthday is approaching. You might be thinking what the big deal is. Well, the news is that government of India is trying to get his 66th birthday registered in the Guinness Book of Record. How? By doing some social work!

 Yes you read that right. To mark the occasion of Narendra Modi’s 66th birthday on Saturday, the government is planning to make an entry into the Guinness Book of Records for its social work initiatives. An initiative is being taken will the assistive aids and appliances will be distributed by the government of India in Navsari, a village around 50 kilometers from Surat, Gujarat. The appliances would be distributed to approximately 11000 differently-abled persons in his home town. 11000 people have never been given assistive aid and appliances at one time. This will be a new record.

Indian Government Guinness Book of Record

As reported by the Economic Times, the event would be video graphed and would be closely watched by the Guinness book of record observers from UK. Joint Secretary, Department of empowerment of persons with disabilities, Awanish Kumar Awasthi said, “We are attempting this record ceremony to bring awareness and change the mindset of the people. We have conducted three surveys to get over 11,000 beneficiaries in this area.”

The report further said that the Indian government is also all set to create few more distinctive records including formation by around 1000 wheelchair bound people and 1,000 oil lamps lit by differently-abled persons at one time.  The government also intends to break the record held in Australia, where 500 people were given hearing aids. Indian government is planning to break this Australia record by giving away hearing aids to 1,000 beneficiaries.

This is not all. Apart from this, bicycles, cerebal palsy chair, wheelchairs, multi-sensory integrated educational development (MSIED) kit, prosthesis, calipers and loan cheques will also be given to almost 11,223 beneficiaries in Navsari.

Proud on Narendra Modi and the way government of India has planned to celebrate his birthday? Of course you are!



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