IPL 2018 Final: Euphoric Moments from the Match between CSK and SRH

IPL 2018 final

The IPL 2018 final between Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad was pure entertainment. Right from the toss to the last ball, there were moments filled with a wide range of emotions. Not only did CSK win the match but it beat SRH by a big margin of 8 wickets.

Here are the highlighting euphoric moments from the IPL 2018 final match:

• At the time of the toss, as the two skippers came on the field, Sanjay Manjrekar nervously picked up the tossed coin but he forgot who had called heads. As he asked the captains about it, Dhoni fooled around and said Williamson had called heads. After looking at the confused Manjrekar, captain cool had a cheeky smile and said that he had called heads! It was fun for everyone on the field.

• After Dhawan’s dismissal, CSK clearly had a target of clinching Williamson’s wicket. As Karn Sharma, replacing Harbhajan, came to bowl, the batsman had to step out to smash the ball but by the time he realized that he has to go back to the crease, the lighting-fast Dhoni stumped the bails in his signature style.

• Shane Watson is undoubtedly one of the legendary players but no one had thought that he could alone led CSK to the victory. When he came to crease, it took him 10 balls to make a run but soon it was raining sixes and fours and before SRH could do anything, Watson had already scored a ton.

• Both Ngidi (CSK) and Bhuvneshwar (SRH) succeeded in giving out maiden overs to the stupendous players Williamson and Watson respectively and both the batsmen scored terrifically with their bats.

Although SRH was unable to shine in the final, both the teams consistently showcased stupendous performances through the league. On one hand, Williamson won the Orange cap, and on the other hand, Watson’s ton made him win the man of the match award.

Here are a few tweets by fans praising Watson’s ace game against SRH:

Another highlight of the IPL 2018 final was when CSK won by 8 wickets and all the players were posing for the camera with the trophy while Dhoni was just playing with his daughter Ziva. The video clip has gone viral where you can see Ziva running towards her father and he picks her up. Clearly, Dhoni is much happy with Ziva than with the winning trophy!

Cuteness at its Next Level . . #Csk #Mahi #Dhoni #Ziva

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Here’s another photo of Dhoni lifting the trophy with his family:



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