IPL 2018 Fixed? Hotstar Airs Promo of CSK vs KKR Final but there is an Explanation


IPL 2018 is about to come to an end with just two matches left but recently a viral video has raised a lot of questions on the credibility of the league. A video from Hotstar was posted by a user on Twitter that clearly shows the promo of the final match between CSK and KKR. However, the second Qualifier match is yet to take place between SRH and KKR. So, how is the promo already showing the finalists?

Here’s the video of the promo aired by Hotstar that has got everyone talking if IPL 2018 is fixed:

As soon as the video went viral, the IPL fans fumed with anger while some reacted like they already knew that the tournament is always scripted.

However, another video has surfaced that will let you see another side of the story. Since the final match will be held two days after Qualifier 2, it is possible that Hotstar may have prepared two promos ready both for CSK vs KKR and CSK vs SRH.

People only got to see the CSK vs KKR promo but there is another promo featuring SRH and CSK:

Although the authenticity of the videos hasn’t been confirmed, it seems like both the videos, when combined, narrate the actual story. Now that another part of the video clip is out, it’s up to the fans as to how they want to look at it!



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