Katti batti review: Another love story with dull drama

katti batti movie review

Bollywood follows the legacy of love story with some spicy tadka to treat the audience. But yes, every Bollywood flick doesn’t turn out creating history like DDLJ and some don’t even come out to reach the expectations bar. ‘Katti Batti’ the latest release featuring Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan, sparkled the audience with its fairytale romance trailer and melodious songs. Kangana who has raised woman-centric roles to a new level after her super hit Tanu Weds Manu Saga will be seen gleaming in this movie. Imran Khan, last seen in 2013, is returning after becoming a father (in real-life) with Katti Batti. Success for Imran is much awaited for this movie.

                                                              “Pyaar karne waalon ki jala de lungi

                                                                 Pyaar ki pungi, pyaar ki pungi.”

Katti batti review: movie images

Katti Batti is an anti-love story where Imran plays Madhav Kabra aka Maddy, an architect. Kangana aka Payal is a Delhi girl who is a fashion designer and Imran falls in love with her because of her eccentric way of living her life. Yes, we can say guys invite absurdity by falling prey as shown in other Bollywood cinemas. The story shows the live-in relationship of Payal and Maddy of 5 years where everything is blooming and as the pages turn over, Payal leaves Maddy mid-way. The story which promises to be a love and thriller combo may surprise you or may even haunt you. The sudden turn of events in the movie is predictable.

In director Nikhil Advani’s rom-com, Kangana and Imran will be seen sharing screen for the first time and could be interesting to see their romance quotient in the movie. While Kangana is laddering up after ‘Queen’ and ‘Tanu weds Mnau’, audience now anticipates for a delightful watch with ‘Katti Batti’. The movie is also said to be a roller coaster ride high on emotions because it was reported that it a teary-eyed Aamir Khan loved it to that extent.

Releasing in cinemas on 18th September, rush to the theatres to get a feel of this new love story in B-town and yes do not miss the abberant dialogues shooting from Kangana!



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