PM Modi Inaugurates first PIO Parliamentarian Conference in New Delhi

Earlier today, on the occasion of Pravasi Bhartiya Divas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the first Persons of Indian Origin i.e. PIO Parliamentarian Conference in New Delhi. PM welcomed participants and delegates at the inaugural session whereby as many as 124 MPs and 17 mayors from 23 countries participated in the conference.

PM hailed Indians’ achievements across the world and said that they integrate themselves fully into the country they work in while keeping their Indian values alive. He said that Indians occupying a significant position in other countries bring pride to the nation. He also stated that when Indians residing abroad influence the geopolitics and other policies of the nation where they live, they bring pride to India.

Here he pointed out various positive changes taking place in the country like people’s attitude is taking a more positive shape, and the country is taking an irreversible alteration in every sector. World Bank, Moody’s are looking at India in a positive way.

pio-parliamentarian-conferenceImage Courtesy: Twitter

Talking about technology and transportation, he revealed that the government has invested a huge amount in ensuring proper connectivity of highways, railways, and all ports. He highlighted that in the last three years, around 3 Crore new entrepreneurs have been added and most of the investment has taken place in construction, air transport, mining, hardware, electrical equipment, etc.

He also appreciated India’s efforts in stepping out to help other countries in situations of calamities like the earthquake in Nepal, floods in Sri Lanka, and the crisis in Yemen. Talking about the work done by the Ministry of External Affairs, he said that the ministry has efficiently helped out not only Indians but NRIs as well.

Usually, January 9 is marked in India as Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas as an annual celebration of the contribution made by overseas persons of Indian origin (PIO) towards their homeland. This is the first time that the PIO-Parliamentarian Conference is being held as a platform to reach out to the Indian community overseas.