#PulwamaTerroristAttack: India is united, seeks revenge

‘I want to tell the terrorists and their backers…they have made a big mistake. You will have to pay a very heavy price…I assure everyone that the forces behind the attack…we will bring them to justice.’ Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi said in Delhi after chairing a top-level security meeting with senior ministers today.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today warned that those responsible for the Pulwama terrorist attack in which 40 CRPF soldiers were killed yesterday.

Shock, grief, and outrage have followed the deadly attack in which a terrorist rammed buses in a security convoy on the Jammu-Srinagar highway with a car carrying 350 kg of explosives. The CRPF convoy was carrying 2500 CRPF personnel.

Irrupting anger-

Including these tweets, #PulwamaRevenge and #BadlaKab also trending-


Union Minister Arun Jaitley said after the Cabinet Committee on Security meeting that the government had decided to take all possible diplomatic steps to ensure Pakistan’s isolation and had withdrawn “Most Favoured Nation status to the country”.  ‘Those who were involved and supported the incident will have to pay a very heavy price.’ said Mr. Jaitley.

Meanwhile today, the US, in a strong statement, has called on Pakistan to “immediately end support and safe haven to all terrorist groups”.

It is a clear message to the country who has been sponsoring terrorist from decades. India is united.




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