Rajasthan: Congress Party faces big troubles in the first 10 days of forming its government

The Congress party has just formed its government in Rajasthan and the trouble meter in the state has just risen. Starting out with a major fire breakout in one of the biggest malls of Jaipur to an apparently suspended Swachh Bharat Campaign inviting complaints about the uncleanliness in and around the city.

The most recent problem which has emerged in the desert state is that of the shortage of urea. The farmers formed long queues to collect urea at the distribution centers. To tackle this problem, Congress has sought Centre’s intervention. The problem has become worse as is visible in protests staged by the farmers voicing their pain points due to the shortage of urea.

Some of the spots where Urea distribution was taking place also witnessed a stampede-like situation which got three farmers to sustain injuries.

One of the activists named Lokesh Tiwari has been protesting for three days now. She protested in front of Chambal Fertilizers and Chemical limited in Gadepan area and demanded adequate supply of urea to the farmers.

An official from the Fertilizer Association of India said: “There is a shortage of urea in the northern states due to the non-availability of railway rakes. The material is piled up on the ports and urea transportation is delayed by 20 to 25 days.”

Now that the nation is heading for the central elections, the government should be trying it’s bit to resolve this issue, otherwise they may suffer a loss of votes from the farmer population. The farmer communities are believed to be the major decision makers in the electoral preferences.



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