Samsung mocks its rival Apple in its latest advertisement


To grab the market, the competition amongst business rivals is very usual. In one of such rivalries amongst mobile phone manufacturers, Samsung has released an advertisement making fun of rival Apple. Samsung, the South Korean multinational conglomerate, has made fun of not only Apple’s iPhone series but its passionate users too.

Titled as ‘Growing Up,’ this new advertisement shows the evolution of iPhones in the last ten years. In fact, it is showing comparison between two. Certain flaws of iPhones were being highlighted like limited storage space and smaller 4-inch display in comparison to Samsung. Samsung also took at dig of iPhone brand with a long queue of buyers waiting to buy iPhone handset.

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The advertisement consistently focused on comparing the two. Like Samsung has the water resistant feature while iPhones don’t have. Similarly, it compares 2017 version of Apple that allowed the use of charger and headphone at the same time which, in comparison to wireless Samsung Galaxy, looked outdated.

This is not the first time rivals are mocking at each other. Several other brands like Jaguar made fun of Mercedes too. Other similar examples include the ad war between The Hindu- The Times of India, Pepsi-Coca Cola, Bajaj-Royal Enfield among others.



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