Situation tremendous in J&K: Trump to talk to PM Modi at G7 Summit

Trump to talk to Modi on Kashmir issue at G7 Summit

PM Narendra Modi spoke for over 30 minutes to Donald Trump, the U.S. President after which the latter has proposed mediation to resolve the Kashmir issue again. Trump has confirmed that when he meets PM Modi at the G7 Summit later this week, he would raise the Kashmir issue.

Donald Trump addressed the journalists at the White House and said, “I will be with Prime Minister Modi I’ll be with him over the weekend in France. I think we are helping (resolve the tense) situation (between India and Pakistan).”

Though India has repeatedly told the international community, including the US, that the issues surrounding Kashmir and everything about Article 370 is an internal matter, the US President, Trump continues to propose mediation between India and Pakistan.

Donald Trump’s recent proposition for mediation emerges one day after talking to both PM Modi and PM Imran Khan in Pakistan. Trump also expressed his will to do the best for easing out the “tremendous problems” between India and Pakistan, while addressing the media. He said, “I will do the best I can to mediate or do something. (I have) great relationship with both of them, but they (India and Pakistan) are not exactly friends at this moment,”

Trump also said, “Frankly, it’s a very explosive situation. I spoke to Prime Minister Khan yesterday also with Prime Minister Modi. They’re both friends of mine. They’re great people. They’re great people, and they love their country,”

He also addressed the religion issue between both the countries and said that the two countries do not go well with each other for a long time. “You have the Hindus. And you have the Muslims. I wouldn’t say they get along so great. That’s what you have right now,”



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