Soldiers Must Kill Enemy, Must not lay Down their Lives Says: Defense Minister

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Manohar Parrikar Union Defense Minister on Sunday 13th December during an address organized on his 60th Birthday, he said soldiers should be asked to kill enemy instead of being told to lay down their lives. The address read as “”It was said that soldier is ready to lay down his life for country. I am against it. Why get killed? Don’t get killed. Kill the enemy. See the record of one year and you will see the result.”

Parrikar recalling India’s counter-insurgency operation in Myanmar earlier this year said “After Myanmar crisis, we held meeting within three hours and the entire operation was kept a secret. As per official statement we conducted the operation on Indo-Myanmar Border. But one should know to read between the lines.”

The operation which was carried out by commandos in June, destroyed camps of NSCN (Khapland), terrorist in retaliation killed 18 army personnel through ultras in at Chandel District of Manipur.

Manohar Parrikar further adding in his address also said he like to go around without security, pointing that “having security might not be safe at times.”

“They (police) relay message on wireless giving exact position of the VIP. I ask police to stay away as I don’t want security but I have to take it as attack on Union Defence Minister can make international news,” he added.



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