Things you must do in your 20’s

On this International Youth Day, let’s associate the chords for a dynamic India. Your youthfulness is what you going to cherish later. As they say, age is just a number,but many of you regret not having done several things in your 20’s. A glorious time in life, which polishes your raw attitude into a concrete structure is the 20’s. A time that develops a genuine love quotient along with dramatically arising peaks and lows. It pushes you to say- yes; my 20’s was a bizarre of a time. So here are a few things you must do when you fall in this age barrier



In this digital world, its hard to miss out on this art. Photography is a field that has no limits and lets you represent your creativity, endlessly. But today the scope for photography has grown tenfold and it can become a way to earna quick buck. You can take up short course if you’re looking to take photography up professionally and could connect with photography groups and explore more options.

The National Institute of Photography, established in 1983 is one ISO certified institute to offer diploma and certificate courses to aspiring, young photographers. Some groups you can follow and explore with are the ‘Instagrammers’ in your town. Check out the FB pages of Instagrammers Jodhpur and Instagrammers Ahmedabad, some among many other local chapters!


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The trickiest part of life is to find the balance between what you’re good at and what you ought to do. While you may have had all the help you needed as you were growing up, one of the best thing to do is to get out of your comfort zone and struggle a little. This may be your worst nightmare, but it just may turn out to be the most insightful experience of all time! With living alone comes tons of responsibility and learning experiences. We promise you, the need to get out and figure yourself out is essential and this is one of the best ways to achieve that! Here is a trailer of Wake Up Sid, a film artfully exploring this struggle.



The need to realize our moral and social responsibility to give back to society in some way to make it better is very important. In your 20’s, try taking out some time for this task. In performing this noble task you meet and interact with people who are fighting against odds you may never encounter. An essential part of India’s struggle with development is the presence of millions of people struggling with poverty, struggling to overcome hardships. The presence of NGOs and dedicated individuals to make a difference is the path to a better tomorrow, and if you can spend some time of your 20’s doing that, you’re sure to come out with experiences leaving you a tad wiser.

Looking to start somewhere? Check out the Teach for India initiative!

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While we may have listed a couple of reasons why you may use the 20’s to get super responsible and generate experiences which make you wiser, the one important act you’ve got to uphold – partying it up! the 20’s are also the golden years where you’re high on energy, low of self-goals and well, high again on the hunger to experiences! Partying it up and letting your hair down is going to bring along with it tons of crazy experiences, a drunken haze every now and then, and memories you can feed off for years!

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Exploring the natural beauty in India will always bring with it some amazing surprises. Be it walking trails, biking trials, or trekking haunts, the list of destinations you can explore are endless. Take trip with a biking gang to Ladakh, or go down south to experience the serene backwaters. There are homesteads all over India, working to sustain natural beauty and can offer you experiences like none other. While travelling is not the only way to explore nature, you can have interesting experiences like making cheese in South Chikmagalur or go wine tasting  at the Sula Vineyards!

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Goa has to be on your list, obviously! Go to Goa, as many times as you posssibllyyy can and experience, re-experience all that Goa magic the coastal haven has to offer.

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Just like the youngsters in Pitchers, be like Beer! Have an idea that could change your life, go after it. Have a hunch that your start-up idea may be something revolutionary? Start it! Though the chances of you failing are very high, the chances of you making it work are pretty much the same. The 20’s come with a price tag, given. But all the hours you will spend behind a desk at your sad 9 to 5 also come with a price tag. The 20’s let you fail and sometimes you win and make it big. So go after those goals you set, you may be in for a surprise!

LOVE ! ! ! 

Everyone is looking for love and everyone is confused! Spend your 20’s wisely, meet people, learn about them and from them. Though the chances of you finding your one true love are close to zero, on a scale of 10, there maybe a lot you will learn in terms of relationships in your 20’s.

So while this may be a short list of the possible things you can do in your 20’s, the world is your playground. Tell us what has been your most memorable experience from your 20’s in the comments below!











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