Twitter User Asks PM Modi to Smile More, Check out his response!


Prime Minister Narendra Modi regularly receives numerous tweets and comments on his social media profiles like Twitter but he rarely responds to them. However, on Sunday, the Prime Minister took out some time from his busy schedule and responded to some of the interesting tweets that were posted in context to his speech in Lok Sabha during the ‘No Confidence Motion Debate’.

PM Modi congratulated a Twitter user whose daughter’s essay on Swachh Bharat Mission received appreciation from her teacher. After that, he responded to a lot of tweets, some praising his speech while some appreciating his efforts. One user even pointed out that PM Modi should smile more often.

Check out the responses posted by him:

When PM Modi congratulated a little girl for her essay on Swachh Bharat Mission:

He offered condolence to a user for the demise of his grandfather:

This is how he responded to the people appreciating his speech in the Lok Sabha:

And finally when someone pointed out that he should smile more often, he had a humble reply to the suggestion:

PM Modi delivered a 90-minute long speech late on Friday night followed by an intense debate in the Lok Sabha. He defended the decisions taken by his government particularly for the farmers and his commitment to developing Andhra Pradesh that initiated the ‘no-confidence motion’ against the centre.

Although the moment of Rahul Gandhi giving a warm hug to Modi became the highlight of the debate, many were delighted after hearing Modi’s speech.



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